The ‘Best of Rock Hall’

Experience Rock Hall Like a Local

Ready for the true Rock Hall Experience? Nauti Properties has you covered!

Whether you’re looking for a great hike, planning a day on the water, or searching for the best ice cream around, we’ve put together a ‘Best of Rock Hall’ cheat sheet so you can experience Rock Hall like a local.

These nearby amenities and attractions are a must-have for a week at the Bay!

⛽️ Gas Station/Minimart: 

Valero Shore stop (21340 Rock Hall Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🛒 Grocery store: 

Fresh Start Food and Garden (21318 E Sharp St, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

A local store offering a lineup of fresh produce, locally sourced meats, and specialty groceries. They also have a deli counter to order pre-made sandwiches.

💊 Pharmacy: 

Happy Harry’s Walgreens (21400 Zeeman Rd, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🍦 Best Ice Cream/Desserts: 

Get the Scoop (21267 Rock Hall Ave #104, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

Ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and even a sweet treat for the dog. This ice cream spot is great for the whole family.

🦞 Best Seafood:

Harbor Shack (20895 Bayside Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

This upbeat bar and grill sits dock-side and features seafood alongside American staples. Enjoy your meal inside, or on their patio.

Or try Ford’s Seafood (21459 Rock Hall Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

Locals love this no-frills restaurant featuring seafood favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

❤️ Best Date Night: 

Osprey Point Restaurant (20786 Rock Hall Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🚤 Boat Rental: 

Haven Charters (20846 Rock Hall Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

⚓️ Boat/Water Sport Supplies: 

West Marine (21386 Rock Hall Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🏊‍♀️ Watersports Activities: 

Chester River Kayak Adventures (5758 N Main St, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🎶 Live Music: 

The Mainstay (5753 N Main St, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

Enjoy a night of live music, an open mic night, or an outdoor concert at this theater boasting acts for a variety of musical tastes.

🥾 Hiking, 🚴‍♂️ Biking, 🪶Birding: 

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge (1730 Eastern Neck Rd, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

🎣 Fishing, 🦀 Crabbing, (and License):

Larry’s Outdoor Store (5900 Rock Hall Rd, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

Larry’s is the place the locals go for bait and tackle, but they’ve also got boating, hunting, and camping supplies as well. Besides the bay, fishing can also be done from the banks of streams and rivers, from public landings and jetties, from bridges, and on inland lakes.

👙 Souvenir & Beachwear Shopping: 

Smilin’ Jakes Casual Apparel (5770 N Main St, Rock Hall, MD 21661)

Smilin’ Jakes is world-famous for its Hawaiian shirts (well, Kent County famous, anyway), but only the locals know that they have a bunch of other great stuff, too, including tee shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. It’s about a block south of Rock Hall Village Shops on North Main Street.

Rock Hall Village Shops (corner of Rock Hall Ave and North Main Street, Rock Hall, MD)

Rock Hall Village isn’t so much a place as it is an experience. Located adjacent to the Rock Hall Visitor’s Center, Rock Hall Village is a collection of quaint little buildings and shops that include everything from ice cream (see above) to wreaths (seriously).

There’s no shortage of fun ways to spend your day in Rock Hall! And wherever you go, be sure to …