About Nauti Properties

Hi! I am Nathaniel E. Gull, your vacation doorman, I mean door “bird”.  You can call me Nat, for short. My job is to let you inside Nauti Properties and allow you to embark on your next vacation experience. Nauti Properties allows your coastal escape take flight!  I want to see you get away, and to have a true vacation – one that marks the time, and one that deepens bonds & rejuvenates minds, bodies, and souls. My bird’s eye view of the ideal vacation is one where I see friends and family sharing their dreams, moments, and memories including looking forward to time away and reminiscing back on their time together. I would like to open the door for you to see which one of our premium properties fits you best and invite you to see how others before you have enjoyed their time with Nauti Properties. Life can be serious sometimes; we want your vacation to be fun!! Check out our availability then check in and Stay Nauti! See you on the water!  I will swoop down and say hi! – Nat